Dreaming Big

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible”

– Walt Disney

Fluidmind is a full-service digital marketing agency

We work hard locally and nationally, no project is out of reach. The Fluidmind team develops tailor-made plans to best suit the needs of every individual business. Our interactive process utilizes all the powerful components that make up digital marketing. Your business will soar with our creative website design, trending social media skills and dynamic SEO.

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Full Service Digital Marketing
Meet The Owner

Justin Mejak

I have been working in the professional marketing industry for over 5 years. After graduating from Buffalo State College with a bachelor’s of science degree in Computer Information Systems, I started to work immediately. I began my digital marketing career working at a prominent advertising agency in Buffalo, NY.

From there my skillset grew along with my passion to have my own company. I started up Fluidmind in early 2014. I love what I do. My team and I wanted to help other companies achieve the kind of success we have been fortunate to have.

I strongly believe working with great people and using the latest digital marketing techniques, that anything is possible. We’ve worked with all different types of businesses and all sizes. Some locally well-known brands we’ve helped include Mighty Taco and Anderson’s Frozen Custard.

Creative Director

Bryan Jamieson

I was born a creative and have spent my life honing my talents and sharpening my skills to be able to add value and help my clients. After graduating from Canisius College with a Bachelors of Science in Digital Media Arts I went right to work with a local startup that was later sold for $750million. I quickly climbed through the company and ended up as the Director of Marketing. After 4 years and more of the same I decided to continue chasing my passion as the advertising agency world was calling my name. I spent 3 years as a Junior Art Director at an advertising agency and then a Senior Art Director at another larger agency.

In 2011 I decided to start my own photography business which I still successfully own and operate alongside working for Fluidmind. I also work for a large corporation here in Buffalo, NY inside the creative branch of the marketing department. My hand is on the pulse of the trends, what works and what doesn’t work with digital as well as traditional marketing. I can’t wait to make your brand put it’s best foot forward.

I am also a devoted husband and loving father. I lead my family by example. Righteous virtues and values are the foundation I build upon. Staying passionate, purposeful and daily growth are cornerstones to a spirited life! Let’s keep it moving!


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