As the owner of Fluidmind LLC, let me be the first to welcome you to our brand new digital space. I can’t begin to tell you just how excited I am to finally launch our brand new website!

We always put our clients work before ours. But there does come a time that change is needed and this was definitively the right time for us to evolve.

Why did we redesign and relaunch Fluidmind?

The old Fluidmind website was becoming just that, old. It did the job it needed to for us in the beginning.  It was nothing more than a basic informational website. With our new website our focus goes from basic information to conversions. This website was built to convert visitors into clients.

Sure having people visit your website and give it the occasional like on social media is nice but that doesn’t grow your business. Being able to convert those visitors to clients is what grows your business.

Our old website was not doing us justice. Why would someone sign on with us to grow their business if it appeared we were not growing ours?

Old Fluidmind Website

The screen capture above was from our old website. We felt the overall design needed an overhaul as well. We wanted to add some modern functionality and focus on the UX. We wanted the visitor to be able to navigate the entire website quickly and easily.

New Fluidmind Website

What did we do to focus on conversions?

An important aspect we wanted for this website was the ability for the user to be bale to contact us no matter which page they were on.

There is one of two things that are in the footer of every page. They include either a section with a button that leads to the contact page or a contact form directly in the footer.

We also included a feature called an exit-intent popup. These are popup boxes that are shown only when a visitor is about to leave your website. It’s one last final way to get their attention.

Our exit-intent popup includes a form that a visitor can fill out to receive a free quote from us on their project. It gives us the ability to connect with a potential client who may have been stuck on the overall project price rather than the actual service itself.

What are my favorite parts of the new website?

I have two favorite things about this new website. The first is the background video that plays on the top of the homepage. It gives the website a great looking unique feature that draws in a visitors attention.

My other favorite part is the Insights section. It adds a great way to connect with others in the digital marketing industry and share our news along with industry news.

I just want to finish up this post by giving you a big Thank You!! from all of us here at Fluidmind. We hope you enjoy the new website as much as we do and look forward to serving you in the future!

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